poor boy can’t win

At least for now, anyway.

Last Friday E went to a pediatric orthopedist for x-rays and a consultation only to find out he has femoral torsion.  So basically, when he stands at his comfortable position where his femur balls fit into the hip sockets, his feet are pointed outward.  When he brings his feet inward, the balls of the femurs stick out the back of the hip.  This may or may not be a problem in the future.  If he starts to have pain because of this when he’s a teen, they will do a surgery where they cut the femur and basically put the legs on the right way.  That freaks me out, but at least for now, we don’t have to worry about it.  But on the same token, it also means we can’t do anything about it.

Thursday he got his braces off and had to get his head gear.  The good part is that the head gear isn’t as bad as it was when we were little, it’s rather small now, and he has to wear it 12 hours of the day so he can get most of his time in while he’s sleeping.  The hard part is getting used to it.  The first night he gagged so much he couldn’t sleep in it.

And then the next Friday, we were back at the doctor’s.  E’s allergies have been steadily getting worse, it seems.  He’s not been doing well on the medicine and we already have an appointment to get back to the allergist.  He’s allergic to a ton of trees and weeds – badly, and mildly with a few other things.  Early Friday morning, around 3, he had me up with him, he wasn’t able to really breathe.  It wasn’t bad enough to head to the ER, but it wasn’t right, either.  I gave him an old Singulair pill from an old prescription that I’d hung on to – I know, bad, but it really did the trick.

In the primary’s that afternoon they hooked him up with Albuterol, fresh Singulair, an antibiotic, and Prednisone.  Eesh.  However, he was doing better even after one dose of Albuterol in the office.  So now we have a little doggie nebulizer here at home.  Too cute for K to leave it alone, apparently.

So we’ll see what the allergist says next week!

can’t catch a break.

Poor K, well, both of us, we really can’t catch a break.  One night when I was forcing her to take her eye drops, I saw that she also has strep.  Couldn’t see it when she said “ah” for the doctor, only when we had her pinned down and she was screaming her bloody head off.  She didn’t even have to go see the doc, he just called in a stronger antibiotic based on my very good description.  Poor thing is now starting to have some side effects from that.  And I think I might have some walking pneumonia or another bout of bronchitis.  This is real fun.  Saturday and Sunday were bad for me, a lot of real bad weird pain in my chest and what not.  Was going to call the doc Monday morning but I felt a thousand times better when I woke up.  My sister-in-law listened with her stethoscope and said I sounded good.  I think something might be there still, I feel that weird feeling every once in a while, like there’s something in my lungs, but I’m going to wait and see if my body won’t beat it or it won’t get worse first.

K’s also having a hard time with Daddy going back to work.  She’s funny because she won’t show him a lot of attention or affection when he’s here but when he’s gone, he’s all she talks about.  First thing she says to me when I get her from school is always “Dada?”  She points at things around the house that are his, “Dada.”  She bought chips for him at the grocery store today.

She also sees a guy who sometimes picks up his kid at the same time and he doesn’t look like Steve at all, but he’s another bald guy.  Today isn’t the first time she thought he was Dada but today she caught sight of him as he was driving away and she started yelling “Dada!” and crying and tried to run after his car.  I grabbed her before she could take more than one step but had to put her in her car seat  while she cried up a storm.  I think she finally understood he wasn’t Daddy and she can see Daddy later but it was pretty heartbreaking.

So we talked to Dada on his lunch break and she actually chatted up a storm in her little Kayleigh way.

Never ends.

Seems like someone in this house has been sick every day since around Thanksgiving.  We’re just taking turns and it’s Kayleigh’s turn again.

My sweet little girl has pink eye.  We’ve never had pink eye here.  I didn’t even recognize it for what it was at first because the whites of her eyes are still, well, white.  But it’s been getting worse and she got into the doctor earlier this evening.  First thing he said when he saw her was, “oh, yeah…”  And by the way, he is on our new insurance, yippie.  Here we got hitting that insurance right away, too.

So she has some antibiotics and antibiotic eye drops.

Yes, this is already a nightmare.

It’s hard enough to get her to take her medicine, I mean, I’d finally convinced her that I was NOT putting it in her  milk and to take it like a big girl and she took 1 of the 5 ml and gagged and shuddered.  I had to force it after that.

I HATE forcing medicine down my kid’s throat, but she has to have it!  It really does make me feel pretty crappy though, for both her and me.

And the eye drops, oh my gosh, might as well be killing her.  He told me to try her when she’s asleep… yeah, that worked.  She woke up yelling as soon as I tried to gently turn her from her side to her back.  The rest is history.

So not sure what we’re going to do about that, necessarily, but we shall see.  Hopefully the other antibiotics can take care of it even if we can only get minimal eye drops in there.

But sheesh, I just want us all to be healthy for a while!  We did so awesome the past two years or so, and now…??

insomnia and photos in the snow.

The pharmacist wasn’t kidding when he said I shouldn’t take all those steroids at the same time before bed, even though permissible, it would keep me up all night.  I didn’t do that.  I stretched the doses out like he said, between 6 pm and 12 am, 2 pills every 2 hours.  Yet they still kept me up last night, somewhere to the tune of 330 am.  Tonight, it looks like the same story.  Since I’m on a full day, I followed the directions on the pills with 2 pills right before bed.  Ha.

So here I am, productive instead.  Answering customer emails at 2 am and making discs and preparing things to mail… AND crocheting.  I dunno.  I’m so tired all day, and then…  But all this stuff needs doing.  There are things that must be mailed in the morning or amazon.com will be shaking its finger at me and I seriously have 11 customer discs I have to make plus the other 4 I have that need preparing to mail and/or deliver.  Plus, it doesn’t help that even though I send the kids to bed at their usual time or only slightly later here recently, they seem to be up until around 11 pm.  Kayleigh’s going to have to have another wake-up call when she starts school again… literally.  Elijah, too, really, as I make him get up at the same time and insist he get started on his school work.  Homeschooling doesn’t mean you get to stay in bed all day.

Ah, but speaking of customer discs…  We got some awesome snow here last Friday.  I was already having lots of problems with breathing and what not but when my sister-in-law texted, “pictures tomorrow??” I was like heck the freak yeah!  It was an “awesome” snow because it came in all wet and stuck to the trees.  It wasn’t just a mess on the ground (like it is now) but it was absolutely beautiful.

Unfortunately, though we went out to my parents-in-law’s many hours before my sil and bil and their dogs would get there, I only spent 5 minutes outside before Kayleigh was ready to go in.  She had lost a glove and didn’t tell anyone until her hand was bright red.  Of course, I wasn’t too keen on being out there, myself, what, with being sick and all.  So we went in and I got her all dry and warm and we cuddled under a blanket watching SpongeBob… and I fell asleep.  And I slept on their couch for several hours.  I was finally able to wake up about a half hour before sil and bil got there and woke up enough to go out and shoot.  We spent slightly less than an hour out there, which, in hindsight was probably the worst thing I could have done for myself at that time, but I knew it was I was doing it and despite her protests of “if you’re sick we can wait for another snow” (to which I said “ha, yeah, right, because we totally get a lot of snow here now, let alone ones like this, no, it’s now or never”) I was keen on doing it anyway.  Anyway, in the end, it’s well worth it.

Here are some of my favorite pics from the short session.  (Yes, they borrowed the awesome gift we got my parents-in-law for Christmas for some of their pics and, no, it does not “blend in with the woods” ROFL.)

Jon & Sandy & the Pups

Jon & Sandy

Jon & Sandy

Jon & Sandy

Jon & Sandy & the Pups

Jon & Sandy

Jon & Sandy

Jon & Sandy

Jon & Sandy & the Pups


Man, am I miserable.  My sinuses are taking me for a ride.  I’m not sure it’s an infection but something’s clearly going on.  I’m so stopped up that I’m actually getting out of breath, severely, when eating!  Apparently it’s impossible to eat and breathe through your mouth at the same time.  My head is just so full of crap.  Blowing my nose constantly, it’s so raw and dry now.  What’s crazy is that I’m not really getting headaches from it, which I usually would.  But I just cannot get any air through whatsoever.  Not to mention, this means I’m getting no sleep whatsoever and this breathing through the mouth thing is wreaking havoc on my lips.

Calling the doc the first thing in the morning.  I’m so desperate that, and I know I’m not supposed to yada yada yada, I’ve started taking some antibiotics from my last sinus infection that I never finished.  I figure it’ll even out ’cause that’s what they’re going to give me again so I’ll just start with the new pills and finish the proper term.  Steve went to the doc, I think it was the day after Christmas, tonsilitis, sinusitis, and ear infections!!  I could have ear infections, that seems to be the norm with me lately.  My tonsils don’t feel weird.  But the really weird thing?  Neither kid has any symptoms.  Usually me and the kids share everything.  Kayleigh did have pneumonia a few weeks ago, a light case, but my lungs were listened to the other day at my yearly woman’s exam and they are fine, so I don’t have anything going on in there.

I really can’t take much more of this.  I’ve never had sinus issues so bad.  I’m ready to tell the doc that we should go ahead with the CAT scans he’s suggested.  Not only am I tired of this, but I’m tired of having fluid in my ears all the freaking time.  Six years now.  I’m so over it.