First Valuation

Broker Price and First Valuation is the same company in Colorodo but do business nationwide. I am in Los Angeles and they owe me now for 40 BPO $1600 which they promised me to pay in 60 days but it been more than four months and no payments.

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MARSHFIELD ASSOCIATES – Preliminary Investigation into alleged misconduct

Due to the serious nature of allegations against MARSHFIELD ASSOCIATES, has temporarily /redacted/restricted or removed the article and has asked the user to re-submit a more detailed report, backed with more substantial evidence(s).

We understand that the user has initiated a collaboration campaign to investigate, research, interview, gather evidence, and compile a comprehensive dossier on MARSHFIELD ASSOCIATES. We will keep this page online until 30th March 2021.

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  • Money Laundering
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  • Sexual Harassment Allegations
  • Bankruptcy
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Travis Nelson, Formerly of Charles Schwab, Suspended Over Allegations of Forging Client Signatures

Nelson was also accused of providing false statements to FINRA in response to their investigation into Nelson’s misconduct.

The Sonn Law Group is investigating allegations that Travis Nelson forged client signatures. If you or a family member has suffered losses investing, we want to discuss your case. Please contact us today for a free review of your case.

travis-nelson-forging-client-signaturesTravis Nelson (CRD#: 6018906) was previously registered as a broker with Charles Schwab in New York City, where he had been e

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John H. Geary, Formerly of LPL Financial, Suspended by FINRA Following Allegations He Exercised Discretion Without Written Authorization

Geary was also accused of failing to amend his Form U4 to disclose three tax liens.

The Sonn Law Group is investigating allegations that John Geary exercised discretion without written authorization. If you or a family member has suffered losses investing, we want to discuss your case. Please contact us today for a free review of your case.

john-h-geary-suspended-following-allegationsJohn Geary (CRD#: 853462) was registered as a broker with LPL Financial from September 2007 until

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City Automotive

City Automotive BROKE MY CAR, Called Me A Liar and DIDN’t Fix it Atlanta Georgia!!. This is the WORST AUTO REPAIR SHOP EVER! I took my auto there to get the AC charged and have freon added to it. After waiting around for over 2 hours, a worker came to me and said that my hood latch was broken and they couldn’t do the AC work I came in for. I was very confused as I just opened my hood to have service done on another part of the engine that same day. I went to see what they were walking about and the incompetent employee they had work on my car broke my hood release! Instead of him asking how to open the hood he kept pulling and pulling and pulling on my cord until he BROKE IT! It was all the way out laying on the floor. The owner/Manager Brian apologized for his employees error and said that he knew an auto body repair shop that I could take it to and they would fix it at no charge to since he broke it. The owner Brian told me to call on Monday morning af

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BLACKBURNE AND SONS GEORGE BLACKBURNE BEWARE! BAD LOANS AND INVESTMENTS!!! SACRAMENTO CALIFORNIA!!. I urge you not to be duped by this company! They overstate the value of property when soliciting loans then once they foreclose, mis-manage the proprty all the while making money for them selves to the detriment of investors. Two examples. Loan 2120 […]

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