I received a mail pre-approved credit card offer that requires payment of $75 membership fee when the card is activated. 23.90% interest. To accept the card, I was to go to, but apparently this website does not exist. the company logo for CreditOne Bank looks like the BankOne logo. Scam?. I demand Information – […]

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Vanilla reload scams

Not returning my text after taking my money


My Complaint: Man told me if I purchase a vanilla reload card and put 100$ on there he’ll go in the system and add a zero to give me thousands and so I went to cvs and purchased a card and put 100$ on there and gave him the PIN number and he said the process will take 30 min. And 30 min went by then hours and he wouldn’t respond.


My Demand: All my money back

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Unfound money expert


My Complaint: Received phone call and letter stating he had found money in the amount of $15,000 and could get it for me for a charge of 40%.. He tried to convince me there would be no charge, no ss #required, bank info etc..I think he targets old people since I am 86 and live in Fla…but … I’m not senile and hope people who are will not fall for
this scam.


My Demand: to warn

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Signed up and entered my debit card to watch live sporting events and the site stopped working.


My Complaint: I signed up to watch the bsc bowl games and was charged 4.95 initially with a reoccurring fee of 29.95 monthly and it didn’t give me viewing access. I emailed their “support” team but no response. I have tried to find a phone number but there isn’t one. It’s strange to see how it doesn’t work at all.


My Demand: Full refund.

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E-Power WebSolutions LLC Review

EPower Web Solutions does not do their own work. They stole work from developers and claimed it as their own. They are claiming to be a website building company but they do not know how to make websites. The company consists of 2 salesman who will lie to get you to buy their “service” This […]

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David S. Frank – Scam Alert & Preliminary Investigation

Due to the serious nature of allegations against David S. Frank, has temporarily removed the article and has asked the user to re-submit a more detailed report, backed with more substantial evidence(s). We understand that the user has initiated a collaboration campaign to investigate, research, interview, gather evidence, and compile a comprehensive dossier on […]

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CASTING360 Talent Agency



My Complaint: A company is posting a host of ads in the Gigs section of craigslist in Colorado Springs, promising cash and great pay for jobs that do not exist. This link provides more info:…
Please flag all adds from this company, all having to do with movies, acting, and even being a porn star.


My Demand: Band them from craigslist

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Graphic Impressions

On March 18th 2013 Dorothy Gillette from Graphic Impressions and myself from Sign Factory Inc. agreed that I would do graphic installations for one of their customers called TBM Carriers on forty five 53ft truck trailers in Heber, California. I asked what type of vinyl they would send and Dorothy put it in writing saying […]

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Fun Happenings Travel & Adventure Meetup Group

Stolen funds and no trip


My Complaint: The same thing happened to me as with the other person who filed the previous complaint. Except I lost a whole lot more $$$. I paid in full for a trip and never heard from him again. No reservation was ever made in my name but, my money disappeared into thin air. Please do not book a trip through this person. Should have known better since he doesn’t have any contact info except for a PO Box and funhappenings email address.


My Demand: Full refund

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Pet Airways Delivery Service

Undelivered african grey parrots


My Complaint: Julie Wellsy said she had 2 african grey parrots for 500.00. She said she would get all the paperwork done and get back to us and all we had to do was send the 500.00 to the express delivery service and she would take care of the rest and get the birds to us. next thing we know, she needs money for insurance and ownership papers, which was 850.00 of which we would get 90% back when the birds are delivered. then we get a text that the cage wasn’t good enough, that they needed to have them exchanged for temperature controlled crates, for $250.00 more. she said that she could pay half after I had asked about that and was refusing to pay another $250.00. She had offered to pay the half after I had refused the $250.00. I sent the half amount and didn’t hear anymore, so I sent her a text and asked about the birds and never heard back from her or the

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