Orlando Florida Review is a scammer. I purchased a removable mesh door from this store online on February 24th 2012. They collected the payment from my credit card however, 2 months later and as at April 26th 2012, my purchase has not been delivered. After several emails to this company, I was told the order was being shipped out on April 2nd. As at April 26th I do not have the order. I emailed them on April 24th, they claimed the order will be shipped out immediately, I requested a tracking details as evidence but I have not received one to date. I believe this is a fake website scamming consumers. I will be reporting this to the necessary authorities.

21795 Doral RD #D Waukesha WI , 53186 Waukesha, Wisconsin United States of America


Home & Garden Stores

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State Farm Insurance Review

The caller called identifying themselves from State Farm Insurance. They asked for me by name. Then asked if they called my direct extension. I replied ‘ "You did." The call was disconnected. Then they called our main number and were transferred back to me. They asked for me by name. I replied, "Yes" Then the call was again disconnected.I googled the number which indicated several complaints siting the same story. Then I found the Don’t say "Yes" scam warning. I had not previously heard this warning.

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Alessandro Morandi Review

Bounced out of his lease agreement three months early (1850 a month for a total of $5600 dollars)a month during September 1st of 2018. and because when he left , he said he was leaving and my wife said ok.. meaning ok!?.. by NO WAY did she appreciate him stiffing us but what could we do!? | Upon inspection of the property by our realtor (who rented this individual our place) notice damaged he never reported which made the issues worse cracked tile large gaping holes in the ceiling then to top it off after we were just going to eat it the loss vacancy he calls us up wants a security deposit back! | We told him under no circumstances would he get any money back as a matter of fact we are the processes of calculating the damages he says us a text says perfect you’ll be hearing from my Law Firm. Now hes suing us for 5k.. You just cant make this stuff up!! | My wife and I don’t handle being bullied too well so we plan on taking this all the way and making sure this guy doesn&

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Polygroup Durant Oklahoma Review

I bought a pool in May from a box store that included a pump. After setting up the pool in a timely manner we used the pool infrequently due to weather and water still cold. In June when weather was more cooperative the pump stopped working efficiantly so I called Polygroup to do some troubleshooting. They told me to take pump off and look in it. Of course they don’t include anything to stop the gushing water but I had already anticipated the removal of the pump and brought a sink stopper that would cover the hole. As soon as I looked in the pump I could see the rotor was at an angle and other broken pieces in the case. I told the Polygroup agent what I saw. She said OK I will send you what you need. First though you need to send a proof of purchase. No problem, I had a picture of the receipt out in 20 minutes. Except they need 24 to 48 hours to recieve the email. At this time I thought whatever and couldn’t wait to get me replacement. 48 hours later I call because I hav

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I have been a member of National Home Gardening Club since 04/2012. I have paid for a life membership. I was promised a lifetime magazine subscription. My magazines have not come for 6months and I have been unable to reach them. The package I recieved upon full payment was not what I was led to believe. I was told I could give my subscriptio to my heir when I die and they could do the same. I’m very dissapointed with them and I want my money back.

PO Box3526 Hopkins, Minnesota USA




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My home warranty company Old Republic sent Air it Cool to my home to repair my air conditioner. | Air it Cool did not follow Old Republic’s policy and then proceeded to submit fraudulent documentation to Old Republic. | Air it Cool charged me $2000 to fix my ac which they invoiced me for several parts and 2 cleaning items. | When they submitted documentation to Old Republic they told them it was all cleaning and no parts. | I would never agree to pay $2000 to clean my air handler as you can buy a brand new one for less. | They were at my home for less than 30 minutes and used my garden hose to clean a few items which is the incorrect way to clean an ac unit. In addition, 30 minutes is not enough time to do all of the cleaning they stated they did. | 1. Told us that the warranty company would not cover anything on our unit because it was too dirty and he would need to submit photos . Told me I needed to read the small print. | 2. Told me that several parts were needed and that he h

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