All Star Collision Repair & Auto Painting

All Star Collision Repair & Auto Painting Carlos Youing Crook crashes cars in parking lot to get business Plano Texas!!. This guy is a criminal for sure. Had to drive all the way to Plano to confront Carlos Young face to face. He constantly lied to my face. We have $4000 in damage to our car that he hit in the same parking lot Jimmy Johns is located. He picked out my daughter so he can then try to get the business, YES he hit her car then gave her an estimate! My daughter was stupid though and called law enforcement. The guy would not provide his insurance & ignored all calls from the insurance. He even said the car belonged to his business, that way the personal insurance he has with Progressive can deny the claim since they dont cover cars used for business. He refused to provide the businesses insurance (probably doesnt have any) and didnt tell the customer that he wrecked the Corvette against our car either! My daughters car is now damaged & her o

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