Bell ExpressVu | Unauthorized account change

In July of 08 My common law spouse transferred HIS T.V service(Bell Expressvu) to another address and had the phone dissconnected, We had the so called ONE BILL . He requested to have the satellite transferred to a different address and phone cancelled they talked him into keeping the phone and transferring that to his new addy.I called and requested that the internet and I stressed to the Person who could barely speak english (probably had no idea what i was saying) that only the internet was to remain in my name and remain at the existing addy. Later I then requested telephone service. which was no problem. It wasn’t long after that that I began recieving a bill for Bell Express view and when my ex- partner began calling to fix a problem they could not give him any info as his name was not on the account. So here I was recieving Bills for a service I did not have, and how my name got on that account is beyond me.I attempted several time to call and rectify this to no avail,

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