Investors Consulting LLC Review

I have invested in a property only to make the mistake of trusting him. I now know 6 people that have be taken advantage of by him. Not to mention he keeps changing his name and business name. | We trusted him with our ReHab budget… He was suppose to manage the project but he only took the money and ran! Contractors were not paid… He has over $100,000 of our money that we now have to pay back. Other investors have experienced the same thing… stating the project is going south and the’re going to lose their investment. Please Help Us! | If you know him or see him… call the the police! He is a crook and a con artist! If you are a realtor….. run… your license is in jeopardy. That means you , Natesha Blalock Investment Realty of Atlanta. You knew he was a crook and your business partner. You failed to mention that. | SHAM on you! | Stay away from Investment Realty of Atlanta …. Natesha Blalock… Mark Dennis Anderson .. Eric Anderson

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