Sherwin Han

Sherwin Han Xiao Wen Han Abstract Productions False Representation, Breach of Contract, Fiscal Irresponsibility, Loan Renegger, BS Artist, Deluded Bill Gates Wannabe Portsmouth Rhode Island!!. Sherwin Han, 67, of 30 Kubla Court, Portsmouth, RI has deluded himself and bilked his investors for years. His claims of inventing new math-based cognitive intel software core technology and a few beta applications have not been realized in 20+ years, yet he continues to maintain he has “something” of such value (and worth investing in- do NOT until you have fully read this report). Further, he asked me to keep notes for the forthcoming “Bill Gates” or Steve Jobs” type book he expected to be written about himself. His company, Abstract Productions, is deeply flawed by (self appointed) CEO Sherwin Han’s completely irresponsible handling of finances. He claims he has some kind of cognitive approach to computer processing. I invested with him b

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