Threatened by Manager to Leave For No-Mask

To Whom it May Concern,
The week of September 6th, I entered into PCC Community Markets with the intent to make a return/exchange, and also, to make a couple purchases. I was unable to do this, however, and feel as if I were targeted for not wearing a mask: first by an unruly customer and second by a male employee who I later learned was the Store Manager, Mr. Drew Hunter. This is described below:
Upon entering the store, I was not wearing a mask. My decision to do so is based on factual medical evidence regarding my personal respiratory health, mental health, along with personal decision making which includes common sense and my personal health history.
While inside PCC Community Markets, I walked past some folks in
line to get to the far line where I intended to make a return of a couple items. On my way to do so, a white elderly female began to scream something at me. All I heard is ’mask’ (had earbuds in) and saw her flare up out of the corner of m

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