Orphans Waiting Pennsylvania

Complaint: You are probably familiar with the scam: company sends a “bill”” to your company or home for payment on a magazine subscription that was never ordered

Tags: Non-Profit Organizations

Address: in hopes that someone will confuse it with an actual bill and pay the inflated subscription price. Company gets caught

Website: large font; “”NOT A BILL”” in small font

Phone: changes name

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Integral Solutions and Services, Inc Centreville Virginia

Complaint: When I turned my computer on June 2, 2018, the screen was black with what looked like all my computer files scrolling on the screen. A message came up on the right side of screen that said u201cMicrosoft has detected your computer is being attacked. Call 1-888-518-4967 for assistanceu201d. I called the number. The person answering the phone had an Indian accent and stated that he needed to block hackers ASAP and that the IP security was u201cmessed upu201d. It appeared he was able to see in my computer and see what was going on, even before I gave permission. There was a black box on my computer which showed who was in my computer and the person I was speaking to circled the numbers in a red marker. He (I did not remember his name) said I had 17 hackers in my computer and he could provide a Malicious Software Removal Tool. He said a Level 5 IP technician who was a Web Security Expert Technician would advise me and would be able to fix my computer. He said his name was Roy

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Empire Auctioneers Malvern Pennsylvania

Complaint: This “hotel auction”” of “”seized items”” was such a scam . The over-inflated fake gem reports

Tags: Sales People

Address: the actors in the audience raising prices of the items that the unknowing victims were bidding on. The fake art they were selling as “”authentic”” . They demanded my driver’s license number at time of purchase

Website: 6412 Independence Ave. Woodland Hills, California United States of America

Phone: which I refused to let them write down. I have never been asked to give my number before. The sales lady did ask to see my license

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A website called was selling items for $50 each. I found a scroll saw that I needed. It looked legitimate at first. Customer support was very responsive and sent updates on when my card was processed and when the item was shipped. My estimated date of receiving my order was over by 3 days so I emailed them daily asking where my order was and for a tracking number but no replies. The phone number you get a generic "Not available" and you are disconnected. The address on google maps is a vacant building.

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Burnzies Tavern Review

You have GOT to get this place closed! There are shootings at LEAST twice a week there. I hear gunshots almost everynight. My girlfriend, and I live less than a block away from this place… And we are SCARED FOR OUR LIVES because of this place. How do we go about getting this place shut down? This isn’t right, and it’s getting worse. Check the police complaints about gunshot reports there. I just want out neighborhood safe. Is that too much to ask? Thank you, Chris Zaler [protected]

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LEWIS THOMAS BLANCHARD – MORGAN STANLEY, TOLEDO , OH. – Allegations and Investigations

Users at Gripeo are currently investigating allegations made against LEWIS THOMAS BLANCHARD – MORGAN STANLEY, TOLEDO , OH.. This webpage will, therefore, assist in consolidating all information with which you can draw logical and valid inferences and conclusions. If you have lost money with LEWIS THOMAS BLANCHARD, we invite and encourage you to share your story and experience by posting a comment or contact the author(s) directly.

The subject of this investigation


Scope of Investigation

We help our users to pursue FINRA arbitration claims nationwide on behalf of investors and victims, to recover financial losses arising out of wrongful conduct by financial advisors and brokerage firms. The information on is for general information purposes only. Nothing on this site should be taken as legal advice for any in

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Complex Media, Inc.

Contacted seller from cell phone and was told to send money through moneygram. Always replied, but once I paid I never received my item nor my money back. I have called and txted endlessly and no response. Contacted from another number and replied until I said I wanted my Item.. I demand Full refund. I don’t recommend them

  • #D-young
  • #D-young

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American Reporting Company Complaint

Appraisers beware, this company paid 90 days late on an appraisal. When they did pay I am sure it was just because they needed another appraisal. The second appraisal was paid past the 30 day payment period. When I assesed a late fee, they refused to pay, saying that a late fee is rediculous, even though they charge a commision which is twice what my late fee was, and they were already paid before the order was requested. I demanded that they pay the late fee, which they eventually did, and then said they would never use my services again and attempted to put my company on a blacklist with a major bank due to their negligence. They also pressured my office to say that oubuilding were situated in such a way that the lot could not be partioned. This was not true, so I refused to put it in writing.

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Bucknell Investment Co Review

This man was my landlord. Jim Bucknell. He is also a lawyer, a crappy lawyer at that. While living in his rental property for a year and a half we have had our basement flooded with sewage at least 30 times. When you call him for help he is never available nor does he ever call you back. Our furnace broke and rang our energy bill up to 600 bucks a month for 3 months, numerous calls went unanswered then finally he shows up and throws a screw in it thinking that will fix it for good. Within days it was dead again, no blower so the heat was trapped in the basement and the thermostat wasn’t getting that heat so it kept kicking on over and over again. The roof in my sons bedroom collapsed beside his crib i am LUCKY he wasn’t in the crib at the time or he would have been seriously injured maybe even killed. and that took him a month if not more to come and fix.. we had a HOLE In our roof.. our child could not sleep in his bed. The worst yet of his neglect as a landlord would be the week we h

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Bradley Graham – Scam Alert & Preliminary Investigation

Due to the serious nature of allegations against Bradley Graham, has temporarily removed the article and has asked the user to re-submit a more detailed report, backed with more substantial evidence(s).

We understand that the user has initiated a collaboration campaign to investigate, research, interview, gather evidence, and compile a comprehensive dossier on Bradley Graham. We will keep this page online until 30th March 2021.

FYI, Bradley Graham is associated with Wells Fargo Advisors at Dublin, Ohio. If there is anything valuable to be published, will ensure that our users get a say in this matter….

In previous investigative reports on similar subjects, our users discovered and exposed serious issues related to –