Gebls World Shop [now E-Bakos]

This is to alert everybody that E-Bakos [formerly Gebls World Shop], Bratislavia, Slovakia was set up by a gang of fraudsters/scammers with the single aim of defrauding the whole of humanity. They only changed their name from Gebls World Shop to E-Bakos in order to cover up their past evil deals. You can go to […]

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Art Anderson/Dundas

This man goes by the name, Art Anderson, age 46, from Oakland, CA. His real name is Art Dundas, age 54, from Tracey, CA. His is engaged to another woman. Ladies Beware of this man. If you are ever in yahoo chat, and you come across user yahoo ID bradysmoke2007, stay clear of him, because […]

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This guy will Take your pictures at his Home Studio, email you the proofs and says he will retouch up the pictures you like. You pay this guy and he avoids everything else to send you the retouch up pictures. STAY AWAY FROM THIS NONSENSE AMATEUR

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Global Relogistics OR Auto Shipping Network

This company is supposed to ship your automobile. They steal your money up front (my case was $1095) and then they put you off by stating that they can’t locate a driver. A month later when they still haven’t provided a driver and you cancel your shipment with them, they state that in your contract […]

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Bill Warriner

This guy has an anger issue and road rage issue. He has a history manipulating women, and will do so. He handles mainly cash ….everyone in his world he has bought. Once he sucks in someone, with his sob story of a tough childhood and poor him, repeatedly brianwashing you and continuously begging you not […]

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ketil larsen

This guy came thru chat in, he told me he has a son name Peter.He doesn’t have any family but his son, supposedly lives in Virginia. So i askedhim who takes care of your son while you are in Afghanistan, he said his ex-wifeFirst he told me he had full custody of his son.Well […]

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borruk.products Aleksandr savchenkov i order from him 600$ when he gots the money. i never hurt from him again, and dont get my order Donetsk Donetsk 83000 Internet!! I made a order from [email protected] SEND 600$ TO HIM. with western union. when he got the money I NEVER hurt from him again his a hustler […]

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Gary Wilkins

This guy is a smooth talker but a real nutjob with serious emotional issues.I saw him on this site as well as another.I met him online and we moved to phonetime soon after. He said he is in Chatauqua, NY on a 40 acre farm. He supposedly has 4 German Shepherds and a Rottweiler.He claims […]

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