Michael Lawrence

This housesitter robbed me of over $10,000.00 worth of my belongings over Christmas. His name is Michael Lawrence. He goes by either Michael Edward Lawrence or Michael Allen Lawrence. He is 6′ tall,aprox. 60 years old, has a salt and pepper pony-tail.I don’t want anyone else to fall prey to this thief.So far the detective […]

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Storesonline, PMI Coaching

Storesonline, PMI Coaching Review I was looking to start a home based business. A friend received an email inviting her and a friend to a brief dinner presentation. During this presentation we were told about this company and how they could show us what it would take to build a successful at home business in […]

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This little teenybopper sent me this death threat through a pm on FaceBook. She does NOT know me. She has NEVER seen or met me. I have contacted my local law enforcement agency and the FBI.Cindy KennedyConversation started WednesdayCindy Kennedy11/4, 11:38amCindy KennedyYOU’RE A DOWNRIGHT FOUL, DISGUSTING LOWLIFE OLD BAG OF BONES! FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT […]

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Gallant Dill

This guy knows absolutely nothing about business. I sent him $1500 than $2500 than another $3000 and all this guy did for me was give me the runaround. The first conversation and talk that I had with him was him saying You can do it. 2nd conversation was See you at the top. 3rd conversation […]

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Dorian Leigh Dammer

This is one sick woman…who has lost contact with reality and is destroying the lives of her husband and children. She submits frudulant documents to scam people, landlords and companies. This is a felony. The woman is capable of anything, even stealing the gold filings right out of your teeth. Now she has a website […]

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Richard Dewl

This is the most evil man on the internet. He has an alias list a mile long and preys on innocent women and will rob you of all your money. Below is a portion and I mean only a portion of the aliases that this man goes by.Steven FoxMichael [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] MaxwellChad [email protected] MountsMagdaleno […]

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Doctor Faye Snyder

This is NOT the place to go for any type of therapy.The founder, Doctor Faye Snyder is an egomaniac and the biggest phony.Her henchmen, Doctor Mary Jane Julius and Darren Lawe and other staff are nothing but some weak-minded sheeple who serve the queen and do her bidding and act as her yes-men, regardless of […]

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this people are the dutiest people i ever seen, they don’t care about people or their workers . first they don’t have order . they make their workers wait too long for a pay check. for example if you start your first week they hold your check for three weeks and if they make mistake […]

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LMB Construction Cleaning

This is not the first review I have seen for this company and I am glad to see that. Hopefully word will get out and they will no longer be able to scam people any longer!!!! I was an employee of this company the owner Lisa is my Cousin’s wife…. I worked for them for […]

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