CFTC Grants $9 Million as Award for Whistleblower

The US’s CFTC has recently granted a $9 million award to one of its whistleblowers. This award is one of top five from the overseer’s Whistleblower Program.

This whistleblower gave a specific and credible tip that led to an open investigation, and as a consequence brought the culprits to justice. The US watchdog granted the whistleblower with the $9 million reward on Monday.

However. the details of the tip and the doings of the culprits has not been disclosed by the commission, neither has the identity of the whistleblower been revealed.

James McDonald Director of Enforcement at CFTC, said the following,

We recognise that often whistleblowers come forward to report misconduct at great personal and professional risk. Cases like this serve as a reminder that the Whistleblower Program can reward that courage in a very real way, helping to soften the blow of any adverse consequences those whistleblowers might face.”

The act of whistle blowing does come with a rage or risks, however it is a lucrative opportunity.
For example, the CFTC awarded a $30 million grant to an unknown whistleblower on July 2018. This at the time was the largest amount given to whistleblower any since the CFTC’s Whistleblower Program began.

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