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We moved into our new home in Naples Florida in March 2020 and have had many unresolved issues especially the tiles installed. We chose 2 tiles of the same style as proposed by the designer of Mattamy stating that the only difference between them was the length. During renovations after the tiles were installed between the main floor and the powder room, we noticed a very visible difference of the tiles. The length, width and colour difference. As well, the installation of the tiles which was horrendous which depicts it well in the picture. We had mentioned it to the Project Manager of the site during construction which failed to do anything about it and said warranty would take care of it. Warranty has been nothing but a failure which we took matters to Tampa head office and had a customer care general manager come on site with the tile company and noticed how bad it was. They mentioned that they would take care of it and that was a lie. We have been dragged through nonsense and st

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Bard Optical — Eyeglasses Choice Limited | Bard Optical

I had a choice between two pair of eye glasses only! I found that strange since 2 years ago I was offered a wide selection of eye glasses. Is this the new practice?

Disappointed, not a good experience!

Sincerely yours,
Victor Padilla Jr.
333 E Center St.
Decatur Il, 62526

Bard Optical Foresyth
1351 Hickory Point Dr.
Forsyth Il, 62535

Customer Service

8309 N. Knoxville Ave.
Peoria, Illinois
United States – 61615
Mon 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Tue 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Wed 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Thu 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Fri 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Sat 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM
Sun Closed

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Hi, I have contacted CS agent many times they are useless and don’t know what they are doing same with the safety team, my account is under restriction I am unable to receive any messages in my inbox on my DHgate account all stopped since 25th September. I have spent many hours with CS agent trying to find out what’s the issue. then I was told to contact safety them to remove restriction on my account because all messages are hidden on my account but CS agent can see the messages on his side but its not showing on my side. I have emailed many times to Safety team but they keep asking what’s my order number when I have told them I the restriction removed from my account but they say no restriction on my account.

I have attached screenshot of the email from CS saying my account is under restrictions and just contact safety team to remove it. I have sent this screenshot to safety team as well just what the reply was ? YES they asking me what’s my order number AGAIN. They

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Freedom Mortgage — Billing | Freedom Mortgage

I purchased my home and Freedom Mortgage carried the note until summer of 2020. Freedom Mortgage contacted me and offered a refinance due to lower rates. The refi closed in mid-June which led to the July payment being removed and August being the first payment due. I was never late on any payments as I had an ACH payment scheduled during 2019/2020. Freedom Mortgage cancelled the ACH payment schedule after the refinance but did not inform me. The August mortgage payment was missed because of this. I should have been more diligent but also feel Freedom Mortgage should have informed me they cancelled a long-standing ACH schedule.
I received a late notice from Freedom Mortgage in early September (before the September payment was due). Upon learning of the cancelled ACH, I reset the ACH schedule and paid the August and September payments, including late fees for August. This payment was done the next day after being notified of the issue. The Freedom Mortgage Service Center represen

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Arion Motors Inc

Arion Motors Inc Unfair, Deceptive and Abusive Practices Hollywood Florida!!. Arion Motors Inc. sold me a car in May 2016. They gave me a cash price for the vehicle and allowed a restricted test drive. I asked to take the car on the main road State rd. 7/US 441 they said no citing insurance. The road they allowed the test drive was a semi commercial residential area with StreetSide parking. I agrees to the sum of 3500 and paid this in full within minutes the sales man Eddie says he forgot but I must now may an additional 390 I disagreed and reminded I asked for final amount and paid the agreed final he tells me I cannot back out of the deal now I can pay the 39 or lose my 3500. Flabbergasted I reluctantly agreed as he have me 3 months with which to pay the full amount. On leaving the dealership the real reason to deny an extensive test drive becomes evident as once at normal operation temperature the car sputter and eventually stalls in mid drive (going over 65 rpm

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My Complaint: I enrolled as a potential caregiver paid $25.00 and then was unable to log back on to he account. After numerous complaints to the co I attempted to receive my money back. In he meantime I was offered 2 jobs that involved me cashing their check or 900 dollars and wiring the $back to their acct. I am now working w/Capital One to replace $50 in charges that were not authorized.


My Demand: All $ back

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First American Financial Corporation Review

I got a email because I filled out a job application on indeed a few days later I got a email from one of the jobs I really wanted and I stated I’m looking for a personal assistant long story short a few days later I got another email stating that I was chosen for the position and that a check will be mailed of to the address on my resume and that will be to run and do things for the person and book a flight to dallas and one to Milwaukee so we can meet and go over a few things I get home I have a whole what seem to be fake check for the amount of 3,865.00 I’ve been scam before so this is how I know it’s a scam

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Essay Tigers Review

Essaytigers uses fake sources in a paper i ordered. They kept trying to make me approve revisions after the deadline passed. They are refusing to provide a refund. I purchased a writing service form essaytigers I found that they have previously been linked to paperhelp.Org from a Yscam). The report i was planning to use as a template as part of my own report. I gave specific instructions about what the paper was to detail, the requirements, and purchased the services for a college level case study paper, that included a list of at least 10 sources. What i received was something barely coherent by someone that did not have a grasp of the english language. It was also | Not in the apa format that i requested. While there were some sourced statements, there were no sources listed. I notified them of these issues, and while the next day, they did provide a page of references, i was unable to assess them as the preview of the docum

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Ordered 4 boxes of #6-3/4 Window Envelopes, #11020 on 12/20/2013,Order# 10497 price $53.66 Tax: $0.00 Shipping & Handling: $13.82 Grand Total: $67.48 After 1 month without delivery, I sent 2 emails, and made 2 phone calls, neither of which was returned. My credit card company also tried, with same results.. I demand No demands. Just […]

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