I ordered a wreath(TF203-3 Ring of Hope Wreath) to be delivered on Sunday, July 9, 2006 to H.M. Patterson mortuary in Atlanta, GA for the funeral visitation service for a family member. The wreath was never sent, however I was billed $147.06 on my MasterCard on Monday, July 10, 2006. I called 1-800-66-ROSES and e-mailed them Sunday, July 9th when I got home from the service. I left a message on their voice mail to call me. I called them again Tuesday, July 11, 2006 and spoke with a woman by the name of Braesodo who said she would call me back. She never did. I called them again Friday, July 14th, got the voice mail again and left another message. nI called again Thursday, July 20th and spoke with Braesodo who again stated she would call me back. I also e-mailed them again. I have yet to get a telephone or e-mail response from this company and the wreath was never sent. I filed a dispute with MasterCard and also plan to file a complaint with the Washington State Attorney General’s Office and the FBI. The only reason I chose this company on-line was that they advertised that they could deliver on Sunday where the company I usually use could not. DO NOT waste your time and energy with 1-800-66-ROSES! nThey are a pathetic excuse of a company who bills for floral arrangemnets never sent but has no problem billing your credit card. I feel sorry for anyone who may have ever used their services for sending an arrangement to a funeral and was not able to attend the funeral to realize that the arrangement never got there. I was able to witness this fraud first hand, however it was still humiliating to arrive expecting to see a beautiful wreath only to find there was nothing there to convey your family’s condolences. I will not be satisfied with this whole ordeal until the company is out of business and the owner arrested. nWendynSimpsonville, South CarolinaU.S.A.

477 Peace Postal Drive, #107 Blaine, Washington U.S.A.