I was trying to get a “free”” Dell laptop or Bose stereo-and I had to order 2 products from each of 3 screens. The products got more & more expensive

with compulsory rebuys & outrageous terms! My bank gave me a phone number along with the ePharmacy number-but it was a repetative recording. Somehow I did phone them and got cancellation info. nI got a strange email from Roger Hendrix at [email protected]. The subject was: When you were offline (via LivePerson). No IP address-unable to connect. Roger “”Ripoff”” Hendrix was responding to a simple email from me–I said I was considering trying Arctic White to fulfill one of the requirements to get a free product. Will the 3 day trial count or do I have to use the whole seven days of the whitening product? (Which cost about $70.00 MORE!) I thanked them for a quick response. nSix days after this email

I am still waiting for that quick response. I never knew these low lifes debited my account for $6.95

which caused a $30.00 overdraft

and now my account is $31.05 in the whole. nI have a very rare