I ordered a funeral wreath from the website on Wednesday, Aug 15, 2018. I searched by available zip code, and selected an item that was guaranteed to be delivered the same day. I did not need it same day, so I ordered it to be delivered Friday, Aug 18, 2018. I got an email confirmation of the order, and tracked it. The website clearly stated it would be delivered 8am-8pm on that day. At just before 5pm on Friday (3 hours before the end of the delivery window), I recieved a call from customer service informing me that they could not deliver this wreath, or anything like it, because “their florist wouldn’t answer the phone””. At this time

I checked the website again

using the same delivery zip code

and found it was still showing as available same day. I was told the best they could do was send boxed

cut flowers a day late and that they would deduct the cost of those flowers (which were obviously totally unacceptable for a funeral) from the cost of the wreath I ordered and issue a refund for that amount. Several supervisors later