1 Stop Rim Shop Parker Products, LLC No product and no refund , Internet!!. Place an order on Sept 30 for 4 wheels for over $800. We wanted the wheels shipped to my daughter’s house because her boyfriend would be there to sign for them. 1 Stop informed us that if the wheels were being shipped there, we had to use that person’s credit card. So my daughter’s boyfriend agreed. On Oct 10, we emailed them to find out the status of the order. No reply! Two weeks later, we called, only to find out they didn’t have what we ordered and it would be about 2-3 months before they would get them. We didn’t want to wait so we told them to cancel the order. They kept trying to push other wheels on us for another $600. We told them we just wanted out money back. We started calling them everyday about Oct 20 stating we wanted our money back. On Oct 24, 1 Stop then said that they would have to fax us a paper with my daughter’s boyfriend’s signature giving them permission to refund the money back to his card. It is now Nov 1 and we are still waiting for the fax. I have left messages on accounting’s voice mail and we have spoke with whoever answers the phone. The one who answers the phone told us on Oct 30 that he make sending the fax accounting’s number one priority. Still no fax.

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