One word describes 180066Roses…RIPOFF!! Save your time, I ordered flowers on their website to be delivered the next day and they weren’t. I tried calling them and e-mailing them from all the contact information sent to me with the “confirmation number””

and I got nowhere. nThe contact numbers were busy but the 1800 number picked up one time but it was all recordings

never a human being. I’ve had this happen to me before with a different company

they at least gave me $10 off my next purchase but I decided there would not be a next purchase with them. nSo with 180066Roses I did not want to waste my time like I did with the other company and I just called my credit card company and told them about 180066Roses and they told me not to worry that they were going to cancel the charge and open an investigation on them

so hopefully soon they won’t be able to rip anyone else off! nSandranChicago