This company are fraudulent. Only after placing your order do they tell you that it will take up to 20 business days for your order to ship since they make each item that is ordered, however, they will charge your card immediately. I waited for 26 business days and no order. I contacted them and was advised they had too many orders and my order would ship in 2 weeks. Three weeks later still no order so I contacted them again and asked that they either ship my order or cancel and refund. I received an email back that simply said they make the items as ordered and now it would take 4-8 weeks. They did not cancel my order. 63 days later (or 45 business days or 9 weeks) still no order. I emailed again and told them that I had been more than patient giving them twice the time they stated they needed to mail my order and that I felt they were a scam and to cancel my order. They simply replied with “We have thousands of customers who have already received their items. We have no reason to scam you

and you can view customer photos and reviews online.”” They did not apologize or cancel my order and issue a refund. In addition

numerous customers are now complaining on their Facebook and you can also find other complaints online for the same issue. I finally had to contact my bank and file a dispute in order to get my money back. I advised this company that I would be taking my review of them to the web in hopes that I can prevent any other customers from being scammed by this company. My correspondence with them showed they had no concern for their customers. Serioulsy…how long do you need to iron a decal on an article of clothing??? Do not order anything from this company

if they ever end up shipping it

it won’t be for at least 3 months!”