I phoned 1st Access when my boiler stopped working, The engineer arrived at my apartment and after a deliberated 40 minutes I was told “the elements had gone”” and I need to replace them

but the engineer “”rewired them”” so I can have hot water for tonight. I asked how much it would cost to replace the elements and he told me he could offer a “”special rate”” of GBP 600. I had to pay GBP 126 for his “”rewiring”” fix too.I didn’t feel comfortable with the engineer based on his mannerisms and how he conducted himself

so I decided to have a second opinion. An independent plumber informed me that it is not possible to “”rewire”” elements to get them working again and if I did need my elements changing it would cost no where near GBP 600. My boiler is also only 2 years old so it’s unlikely they need changing even though the engineer stated it’s normal to replace them after one year (after research it’s actually more like 10!). I can only assume the engineer was trying to deceive me. I have a witness to everything that was said and have contacted the police as I may be raising a criminal case.I complained to 1st Access the following day and spoke with Robbin (‘Manager’) and the most shocking part was the fact he wasn’t prepared to listen and implied I was lying. I understand they are an agency and cannot control the quality of their engineers but to be informed that one of their engineers was attempting to deceive a customer and not listen is discussing. Based on how their engineers and management operate they are not a genuine company and I encourage everyone to avoid all all costs.”

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