1st Choice Auto Smyrna,GA Lemon Autos Ripoff Extended Warranties Smyna GA!!. I first went to 1st choice and was approved for a different car I gave them the money however the car was sold before I could come back to pick it up. So i figured I would try again. The last attempt I purchased a car only to find out later it was a Lemom plagued with problems. The first time I was sold a warranty with ESC a good company .. This time around the dealer sold me a warranty that did not cover anything. They had switched companies. I was not given paperwork he said they would mail it. They charged me $2200 for the warranty after finding out it didnt cover anything. I cancelled it only to get a refund of 1455. When asked about the difference at first I was told the warranty company kept it. Later I recieved an email from Ken stating this was for profit. The dealership kept the difference and refused to give me back what I paid on a warranty never used and also not what I agreed to. This was very unscrupulous. I have spent over $2000 on repairs for a 2018 year car and I am told it will cost over $4000 or more to keep it running. Unless you know how to repair cars do not go to this place they only sell auction cars and do not repair anything. The car also needed new brakes I have only put less than 3000 miles on vehicle.

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