I called to file a claim for our air condition which is covered under our warranty contract with 2-10. Paid $75.00 to the contractor and he stated that the coil was leaking and that he would notify 2-10. 2-10 calls and claims that this was a pre-existing condition, when in fact their contract states that there is a 30 day waiting period, and we had fulfilled those thirty days, but they stated that it would not be covered. The representative promised that I could get a full refund.wE CALLED BACK IMMEDIATELY. THE Rep told us to write to office of the president & e-mail office of the president, email adddress came back error. They also said we need to read our contract Which we never got until 3 weeks later, they claimed we sould have received it with in 7-10 business days. My husband googled the address to the company that 2-10 dispactched to us and we found oout that this guy works from home, he does not have an actual business with other employees. This company is a ripoff and should be taken to court for their illegal loopholes. then when i tried to call to have our contract voided they stated that it needs to be in.writing. This is a bate & switch company, BUYER BEWARE!! Ben Canton, Ohio

10375 Ohio USA