Complaint: Numerous of people with skills of 10 to 15 years have applied to this company who are color. Not one has been called for a formal interveiw. This Company only hires Minorities to Sub-Contract there jobs instead of hiring direct. I know white men who work there now, say they cannot understand why no Blacks especially have not been hired at Sterling. I really thought you would want a experience person working for you, thats what they advertise. Integrity, experience, partnership, quality thats what they stand for in there Company profile. I heard its so bad when you go to apply. The woman at the desk will tell you to apply online. When you go online there is not one link for you to apply. Or when you go to the office you sit there and the lady at the desk gives you a application. When you’re finish she says it will get forward to someone but instead she puts it under a pile of papers. Later on right into the trash. Its sad to say we are still living among races people here in the South. So please do me a favor stop faking the fraud like your company is so built on Integrity. This Company is built around old good old boys camouflaging integrity. But really are races humans. I would think you would want experience,so you can be the best in the business. White people aren’t the only people who can Build!

Tags: Builders & Contractors

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