On Saturday, April 23 at the 24 hour fitness on Belleview Avenue in the Denver Tech Center, the manger Steven (He refused to give his last name) mocked and attempted to publically denegrate my partner and I when we went to the club to exercise our 10-day free trial. He flatly stated that he would not allow me and my partner to use the club on a trial basis, and that the deal he had on memberships was too good to pass up, “only good for today.”” He stated that he would have to be a little harsh with us

because the deal was too good. nClearly he thought he could treat us as children

perhaps my effeminate manner upset him

and made him think he could bully us. When we insisted on using our free passes

he stood aggressively and said “”get out of here you little f****t.”” He was about 1/2 from my face