Complaint: Let me begin by saying that I took this landlord to court and won my security deposit back, despite his fancy lawyer. Joseph Miskovich (and Debbie Miskovich, his wife) started off as a really genuine people. Very polite and respectful up until their greed overtakes them. Here’s a short list of the things I had to deal with living at 29 Roll Avenue, South Amboy NJ 08879: – Joseph Miskovich used the hi-power outlet jack to power his lawn electric lawn mower to maintain the properties. The result $350+ electric bills from March-August. – Landlord, Joseph Miskovich, tried to charge my family a $25 per day late fee for the one and only time we were late with the rent , despite explaining that during the massive bank closings in 2010, our bank (based in KY) was being consolidated and that the direct deposit changes wouldn’t take more than 2 weeks (as conveyed by HR). – Despite polishing the floors, renting professional equipment to clean the carpets, and re-painting the entire house, and giving him a 3-month heads-up that we weren’t going to renew our lease (because of the abusive $350 electric bills on top of the $1,700 in monthly rent), landlord, Joseph Miskovich, tried to keep my and my families security deposit, claiming the house wasn’t “in the same shape after our 1-year lease.”” We had also offered Joseph and Debbie Miskovich to walk-through the house and point-out any potential wrongs with the house that we could fix before leaving the house and our security deposit

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Address: which of course wasn’t acknowledged in any way. – I had to take Joe Miskovich and his wife

Website: Joseph Miskovich lied about numerous things (he didn’t know we had pictures disproving his false accusation

Phone: Debbie Miskovich (the primary landlord) to court in order to retrieve my security deposit. Thankfully I took numerous pictures of the property both before we ever moved-in