2920 Collision and Restoration Movement Construction Put used parts on my car and charged for new, Damaged Hood and lied about it Spring Texas!!. Took my 1947 ford to 2920 collision and Restoration to install air conditioning, convert to 12 volt electric, do a valve job, install headers, duel exhaust, new radiartor, new carbureator, undercoat. They installed a used air conditioner that would not work and charged me for a new one. Installed new radiator but car over heated. they could not figure out the reason. Insalled new carb and electronic ignition. Car would not run. Could not figure out why. Took hood off to do work, reinstalled wrong and caused damage to hood and body behind hood. Kept car for over a year and this caused the gas tank to rust because it sat almost empty. Lied to me about starting and driving the car onto the transport when it was picked up to ship to SC. Do not take you classic to this company unless you want to pay another company to fix what you already paid then to fix.

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