Complaint: Responded to as in Craigslist about work from home job Was told to watch cideo(s) and create a profile Created profile only took 3-5 minutes Emailed JAY WILLIAMS back told him created profile and will watch video now. In conversation I asked about the $297 fee to start work there Jay said so you didnu2019t watch ththe video? Me-no I created profile first because it was very easy Jay-REJECTED you didnu2019t follow orders Me- what orders? Jay- your too f****** stupid to follow orders h*e will you get a job if you canu2019t follow orders? Me-excuse you? 1-you didnu2019t specify what I had to do first 2-where do you get cussing me out? This was due for me asking why am I paying 297$ to work which I would have asked regardless what I did or did not do first NOVOSY should have to pay to go to work. After that I called every number I could find trying to ask jay what his problem or report this to his boss complete failure the 888 number is answering service and thereu2019s another number listed from Arizona 928-978-6578 this number is also registered as company owner lady was extremely rude. I just tried to explain her encumber is being listed as company owners numbers and she just hung up on me. Completely rude people

Tags: Computer Software

Address: Not available Payson, Arizona United States


Phone: 888-237-8319