3D Motors how are they still in business tampa Florida!!. when I went to purchase a car from 3D on 1333 N. Falkenburg Rd I spent HOURS test driving cars because every single car on their lot is defective. I finally settled on a malibu. After my insurance policy expired I switched insurance companies. I guess my previous insurance company sent them a note letting them no my policy had run out so they repoed my car for not having insurance even though I did through a different company. When I went to show them my proof of insurance they said I would have to pay $600 fee to get my car back. I declined that offer and asked to get my belongings out of the car. They said in ordered to get my own belongs it would be a $50 fee. I paid the $50 fee and they gave me a garbage bag containing my belongs. I noticed about 1000 cds that were in two large cd book cases missing from the bag and when I mentioned it to them they said thats all that was in the car which was a complete lie. They wouldnt even let me go check the car for myself. There for they are theives!

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