Complaint: The State Agency, Bureau of Automotive Repair is in the final days of completing their several month long Fraud investigation into the company known as 4 Wheel Parts Performance Centers/Transamerican Auto Parts Inc. This company operates a nationwide off-road store chains, including but not limited to the selling factory truck warranties redeemable at all major nationwide dealerships, and is also in the business of selling aftermarket parts/accessories to dealerships nationwide. Several questionable issues delayed and/or interfered with the State Agencies abilities to complete their full investigation into this business entities transactions/conduct. One such example was the, Failure to produce documents/invoices in timely manner and/or the deliberate withholding of these documents to gain a strategic advantage, which is a violation of the business and professions code. President Gregory W. Adler of 4 Wheel Parts Performance Centers/Transamerican Auto Parts Inc. has vehemently denied any wrong doing to date and has stated via the internet that, The customer is number one at 4 Wheel Parts. However, his statement completely contradicts his companies Better Business Bureau Company Reliability Report of having an Unsatisfactory Performance Record which their report includes the following specifics below: *Delivery Issues,*Difficulty Obtaining Refunds,*Overcharging,*Poor Installation, *Poor Customer Service,*Billing Disputes,*Failure to Deliver Ordered Merchandise *Missing Items, and Incorrect Items. A BBB Company Reliability Report on 4WP/Transamerican Auto Parts can be obtained at Furthermore, Mr. Gregory W. Adler’s statement of, The Customer is Number 1 is once again contradicted by the 15 Violations issued by the State Agency, Bureau of Automotive Repair. This is just some of the following State Agencies final report violation subject matter that will be available via subpoena: Written False and Misleading Statements etc. Failure to Provide signed Written and Revised Estimates etc. Charging for Items Not Specifically Described etc. Installation of Non-Calibrated (Zero-Mile) Odometer, installed on factory leases. Failure to Obtain Owners Signed Work Release. Several severe offenses were committed; unfortunately no enforcement action was taken due to the fact that there are no laws/enforcement regulations and/or legislation on the books to date. The State Investigator audited the annual idler arm sales records between a major dealership and 4 Wheel Parts. The Service Manager of this dealership stated to the investigator (name withheld), That after approximately (600) 1500 series idler arms were sold to 4 Wheel Parts, they began to return them for credit/exchange. Service Manager continued, I know that you are not installing these parts on factory stock trucks, but installing them on trucks with larger wheels and tires that puts a huge strain/wear on these parts causing them to wear prematurely. Not only am I going to stop crediting you these idler arm parts, I’m going to stop selling them to you altogether. 4 Wheel Parts were purchasing factory stock parts and stating that they were Heavy Duty to handle the larger wheels and tires. ANOTHER VIOLATION issued by the State Agency. 9 other violations were issued similar in nature. This State Agency report that contains 15 violations has been brought to you at terrible cost and sacrifice to me. You may obtain a Bureau of Automotive Repair Records Management/Subpoena Unit Form explaining in detail how only your counsel may obtain this very important report at or write to: Consumer Affairs Bureau of Automotive Repair (Main Office) C/o 4 Wheel Parts Fraud Investigation 400 R Street, Suite 5200 Sacramento, CA 95814 (916)-322-3333 Please make the necessary contractual changes and/or cease to do business with such companies who seek to obtain huge profit gains at terrible expense/losses to hard working business entities. Companies who retain such lousy Unsatisfactory Performance Records with the Better Business Bureau should not even be considered as business candidates. He who plays in the dirt shall also get dirty as well. The actual documents/invoices that incriminated 4WP have been posted on the following website for your review below: www.Ripoff The following TOYOTA dealerships were picked for a telephone survey for their close proximity to 4 Wheel Parts Performance Centers/Trabsamerican Auto Parts dba DSI. This is what they had to say below: Toyota Corporation C/o Fraud Prevention 19001 S. Western Ave. Torrance, CA 90509 Marietta Toyota 750 Cobb Parkway South Marietta, GA 30060 (770) 426-7396 Dealership Policy: Elmer stated that they did not use 4 Wheel Parts for their truck aftermarket lifts Harrelson Ford Mazda Nissan Toyota 8601 South Boulevard Charlotte, NC 28273 (704) 552-2760 Dealership Policy: Mr. James Mosely stated that his dealership sent all their truck and referred their loyal customers to 4 Wheel Parts for their aftermarket lift kits. Sadly, Mr. Mosley and the owners/operators of Harrelson Ford Mazda Nissan Toyota had neglected to look up 4 Wheel Parts Unsatisfactory Performance Record with the Better Business Bureau that could have been easily obtained via the internet at or even looked at this website. Beck Toyota 8055 US Highway 31 S Indianapolis, IN 46227 Dealership Policy: Don stated that the best way to go was to purchase a TRD edition that had the off-road package from the factory and came with warranty as well. Beck Toyota did not use 4 Wheel Parts for any aftermarket lift kits nor did they refer their loyal customers to them for the fact that the process voided factory warranties Don said. Chuck Hutton Toyota 1710 E Brooks Rd Memphis, TN 38116 (901) 345-3200 Dealership Policy: Mr. Roland Murphy stated that they did not use 4 Wheel Parts to do any aftermarket lift kits, but the company Wheel Works instead. Bob Howard Auto Mall – Toyota Broadway Extension & Memor Oklahoma City, OK 73113 Dealership Policy: Janet stated that they did not use 4 Wheel Parts for any aftermarket lift kits. Champion Toyota 4800 South I H 35 Austin, TX 78745 (512) 440-4526 Dealership Policy: Bobby Simpson stated they did not use 4 Wheel Parts, Morel in Parts stated that they only carried factory parts John Eagle Sport City Toyota 12650 LBJ Fwy Dallas, TX 75149 (972) 681-3000 Dealership Policy: Melanie stated that they did not use 4 Wheel Parts and that they did all their aftermarket lift kits In-House. She did not know if this voided the factory warranty or not. Keith in Parts stated that they did not carry anything by Transamerican Auto Parts, Freeman Toyota & Mazda 701 Northeast Loop 820 Fort Worth, TX 76118 (817) 589-5000 Dealership Policy: Sunny that his dealership did not use 4 Wheel Parts and the he would have to get back to me what store they did use. Larry in Parts stated that he did not carry anything by Transamerican Auto Parts Inc. Toyota Of Plano 1001 Preston Rd Plano, TX 75201 (972) 248-7777 Dealership Policy: Greg stated that they did not use 4 Wheel Parts, but did all their aftermarket lifts In-House. Liberty Toyota 5597 N Academy Blvd Colorado Springs, CO 80918 (719) 598-2222 Dealership Policy: Berry in sales stated that they have never used 4 Wheel Parts and never will, due to the fact that any type of lift will void the factory warranty. Art in Parts stated that did not carry anything by Transamerican Auto Parts, but could order anything I wished for. Larry Miller Toyota 7300 Broadway Denver, CO 80221 (303) 426-1026 Dealership Policy: Ryan stated that they do not use 4 Wheel Parts and do their aftermarket truck lifts, In-House for maximum quality control. Ron in Parts stated that they did not carry any parts by Transamerican Auto Parts. Centennial Toyota 6551 East Centennial Parkway Las Vegas, NV 89115 Dealership Policy: Lee stated that they did not use 4 Wheel Parts and she had several concerns about voiding factory warranties. She was very honest and professional on the telephone, opening up computer print outs to locate a vehicle. If I were to purchase a Toyota it would be from her. Michael Toyota N Blackstone Ave at W Bullard Ave Fresno, CA 93650 Dealership Policy: Grant stated that they did not use 4 Wheel Parts, Doug stated that they did not carry anything by Transamerican Auto Parts either. Downtown Toyota 4145 Broadway Oakland, CA 94611 (510) 547-4635 Dealership Policy: John stated that they did not use 4 Wheel Parts, Doug stated that they did not carry anything from Trans American Auto Parts. Elk Grove Toyota 3800 Florin Road Sacramento, CA 95823 (916) 344-1136 Dealership Policy: Kacey stated that from past experiences, they did not use 4 Wheel Parts, nor do they refer their customers to that company. Al in Parts stated that they did not carry anything by Transamerican Auto Parts. Mike manhattan beach, CaliforniaU.S.A. sorry, allowing you to give a competitors name would instigate others to just file against their competition, to only come back later to suggest their company your comments on this policy are welcome! CLICK here to see why Ripoff Scams, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.

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