Bab Motors Bab Motors has a salvage car business named 404 getpaid. I discover buys salvage vehicles doesnt disclose the problems then resells them to the public Scottsdale Georgia!!. Bab Motors advertise clean title mechnically sound vehicles for sale on Craiglist. I bought a car from them after a test drive and looking it over including the engine. Bab kept insisting that the car was a 1 owner and mechnically sound. I paid him cash and drove away. This car was a gift to my daughter and her young son. One week later the car brought down. We had it towed to the mechanic. We were told the transmission went out. First Bab insisted that nothing was wrong with the transmission then he later changed his story that he had a rebuilt with a warranty put in. He insisted his warranty was void because he used the wrong transmission fluid. He insisted I cover the cost of a rebuilt transmission including installation. After I filed with BBB he bought a $200 rebuilt transmission from S&W wreaking yard. But insisted I have to pay for installation. I later research Georgia Lemon Law to find that it had none for used vehicles. Consumers are vulnerable to this deceptive and illegal business practice. This business should be banned from operated as a used car dealership selling salvage cars to the Public.

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