I bought a pair of shoes from a company called 5 Finger nShoes. These are the type of shoes that nare used at the beach and for special types of athletics and they actually have ntoes in the shoes the object being to give your foot a more natural and flexible ntype of movement by allowing your toes to spread out as you walk. n The shoes were sized using European sizing scales which I nam familiar with; I have purchased shoes nusing this sizing method in the past with no problems from reputable companies nand if I have had issues which has only happened one time in the last eight nyears I have exchanged the shoes. n Before I bought the shoes, I carefully read the return and nexchange policy of the company which can be found here: www.vibramfivefingersale-us.com/shippinginfo.html n It says that: n Products in – unused and contain all the original packaging nand labels can be returned in due time. If you want to exchange the colour,size nor style of your order,please contact us in 15 days after you receive the npackage. n You must email us and inform us of the returning nreason.Meanwhile,pls send us the shipping bill and relevant photos to prove the nproblem.We will then provide you with further instructions. n I received the shoes and they were too small. I noticed at that point that they had been nshipped from CHINA a point that the website had carefully avoided disclosing. n I E-mailed them to arrange to exchange the shoes for a nlarger size. n This is the first response I received: n Dear customer: nWe are so glad to hear that you have nreceived the shoes from us and sad to hear that they are small for you. Hopping nfor your understanding. The returning is really troublesome and time-consuming. nYou have to send the shoes back frist and offer us $20 for the returning. What nis worse, there are so many uncertain factors for us to receive the package as nit may be lost on the way or withheld by the customs, which happen nbefore. At this point, it will be highly appreciated that you can keep the nshoes. The shoes are in high quality, You can send it to your friends who nfit them. We will offer you $5 discount so that you can order a nnew one on the website, n nThis was unacceptable and I told them so. They subsequently sent me this: n nDear customer; nIn those days, we have connected with nthe manager again about your order. We are informed that we can offer you $8 ndiscount on your new order or offer you $8 refund if you can keep the shoes. As nyou can see, we do ship the shoes to you according to your order information. nHowever, the exchanging is really troublesome and time-comsuming. At this npoint, it will be highly appreciated that you can accept the discount or the nrefund so that we can have the problem settled. n Waiting for your reply. n nAgain, I told them this was unacceptable. Lastly they sent me this: n Dear customer: nWe are so sad to hear about this. In nthose days, we have connected with the manager again for this. We are informed nthat it is also not our mistake to send the shoes in 40 to you as you do order nthe shoes in 40. Below is you order information on the website. We have tried to settle the problem for nyou by offering you $8 refund though it is not our mistake. Hopping for your nunderstanding. We do the $8 refund offer as we do not want to make the problem nmore complex as it is really troublesome for the exchange. We have loss a lotnby offering $8 refund. If you are not satisfied with it, please send the shoes nback. We will issue you a part refund when we receive the shoes from you. However, it is not sure whether we can nreceive the package. And we can only issue the refund when the package is nreceived. Please pay attention to this when you sending them back. n_____________________ n In essence, they are saying, Tough Luck, well give you a nmeager discount. Spend more money with nus. n Not only that, but its clear that there is a significant nlanguage barrier which is making anything beyond the most simplisticncommunication impossible. n Do not buy anything from this company. n They do not honor their printed policies and they will rip nyou off if they are given an opportunity and they will use trade policies and ncustoms as a convenient excuse. n BEWARE..

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