I would like to start by saying that I know there is nothing free in this world. But, you can get really good deals. This was not one of them. I recieved a phone call and they tell you that you have an oppurtunity to purchase a 4night 5day get away for two people to the Bahamas. nYou have to pay $89.00 per person which covers a 6hr. discovery cruise to the Bahamas. Food and Drinks including alcohol and fun on ship. Then you stay at the Bell Channel Hotel for 4nights. Now of course you have to pay hotel charges of $18.00 per night. Ok that is acceptable. They also charge you a one time fee of $29.00 for processing fee. We have all heard of these I’m sure. nWhat they do not tell you is that you are responsible for $119.00 per person for port fees, taxes ans service fees. personally this is probably mostly their service fees to make more money off you. Then when your ready to book it they come up with another charge of $27.00 per person to confirm your reservation departure dates. nSo now this so wonderful vacation you won is $89.00 per person plus the hotel tax of $18.00 per night turns into a whopping $535.00. Wow so much for winning a vacation. They scam you into the great price but don’t tell you all the hidden costs. If I knew it was going to cost me this much money I would of went on a cruise where there is no hidden costs and had a hell of alot more fun. nI could of went on a 7day cruise all fun, meals 24 hrs. a day and visting 4-5 countries for about $650.00 including port fees.

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