My wife and I have been going to this 7-Eleven for a long time. Today my wife left her phone in the store. She later realized that she didn’t have her cell phone on her. So I called the store and talked to one of the Clerks that I know and he said that he didn’t see it. I said fine and chalked it up to being stolen. So I took a chance and sent a text to her phone saying that a reward may be offered if the phone is returned. I know this doesn’t really work. If someone really wanted to be kind then they would have turned it in or contacted someone. Well after I sent the text I got a phone call and was amazed that it worked but then found out that it was the other clerk from 7-Eleven. She then explained that she found the phone and took and wants the reward for the phone. She also stated that this isn’t the first time this has happened and that she finds stuff and takes it all the time. So instead of putting in the lost and found, giving it to her boss or supervisor she decides to steal it. I’m not paying for it to be returned. I have already bricked it through the carrier so it cant be activated again. I want people to know that this is happening and to watch your items.This is wrong.

4302 W Mcdowell Rd Phoenix, Arizona United States of America


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