90210 investment group dream machine,red carpet leasing. 90210, didnt make payments as promised, didnt keep insurance on car as promised. failed to communicate beverly hill’s California!!. what a horrible experience. I am a criminal ddefense lawyer who found himself w/a 2018 cts 3.6 caddi coup, and i had leased it. then i bought a 2016 mercedes 300 4matic,and didnt want the caddi.. 90210 contacted me,(after seeing my ad on Swap-a Lease) their concept was great. they take your car, give it to a user(who gives another companyof theirs “Dream Machine” 4-5000 deposit and makes the monthly payment , and keeps the car insured).who pays my note and ins. they say they put a gps tracker on tne car(it stays in my name), and check milage,and promise if the user doesnt pay the monthly note or keep the car insured,,, they will…. So when they pick up the car, we agree that (i already paid2 months in advance) they would repair the front bumper, about 900 was the estimate i got from my dealer, and the monthly note was 693.75…that ws in june 2012. 90210 had to make sure begining aug 10th 2018 that the monthly note was paid.. they did pay the monthly note until may 2013, always late, and never repaid me for late fee’s or the license renewal fee of 220, but promised too all along. In may 2018 the payments stopped,and i had to start paying, because 90210 would not. I would call and e-mail,and 3times i got through to a couple different gals who said they would get it all straightened out…. Out of desperation i contacted detective lightfoot of the Beverly Hills po dept, and he found my car in a lot run by SSr Repo>>> finally a good kid named Jason returned my call in late july saying the company had no money, and my car was repo from the user and 90210 couldnt afford to pay the damage the user caused by driving the car off the truck,and destroying the back bumper. did i mention there was no insurance on the car since june 30th 2013.. Jason trying to do his best told me 90210 had no money and that he might not even get a pay check, but wanted to help me.. His suggestion was for me to continue to pay for the monthly note because 90210 was broke, and to pay for the damage because 90210 failed to make sure the car was insured and they certainly couldnt afford to pay for the bumper,and he would find me a new user, and get a 5000 deposit from him, and send it to me to help reinburse me for the 5 months of693$,850 for the repo and storage which ssr repo greatly reducedfrom 40 a day to a flat 300$, and it gonna cost me 2000 to repair..” give me one more chance to get the car to a better user who would pay the note and keep up the insurance”… but know I new 90210 would not do as promised(they couldnt they claimed) simply pay the monthly note, and make sure the car was insured. They also lost the 2 fob’s(keys), at 450-500 each, and i had to pay for the 1 key, so the repo lot could put the car on a transport, and getting the car shipped back to michigan at 850$… does it surprise you they never properly fixed the front bumper, and from the very begining lied and scamed me…Jason I think is just an employee,and believes in the concept. the problem is that 90210 wont pay your note if the user fails to, wont make sure the car is insured,wont repay late fee’s or licence renewal fee’s, wont accecpt mail, unless you are trying to become a member and give them your leased car. I want to go postal.. they wont even pay for the keys they lost to bad users.. So ok, i cant sue them and chase good after bad, but if they have any sense of decency, and one day send me a check for all my loss, i will post it,, its about 8000$ w/ the front bumper.. they dont answer calls except Jason,and he says he’s sorry and if it was his company and he could write me a a check he would, and i kinda believe him. if this really was just a bad time for the company, and they reimburse me.id consider them again, but what do they say acbout when pig’s fly…. gotta laugh or i’d cry….. dont do business w/them,and if u they have your car revoke the power of atty, and find it while u can.From what i understand one guy 4sure is missing his audi, and has to pay off the note the car is gone, and im lucky detective in LA found my car or i’d owe 50,000$

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