944 Cup and Dave Derecola 944 Cup Racing Series, 944cup.com ABUSIVE OWNER OF COMPANY Isle Of Palms SC!!. Dave Derecola is the national director of 944 Cup (aka 944 Cup Racing Series and 944.com). This abusive individual contacted me for an auto transport quote and was very obnoxious and belligerent. He came across as a cheapskate who tried to bully me into giving him a cheaper quote than that which was necessary to move his Porsche and then tried to intimidate and bully me by posting a negative review about my auto transport brokerage company. In my opinion, this is a very pathetic individual who should not have any affiliation with a Porsche organization, let alone be a national director. I happen to own a 2018 Porsche 911 Carrera S and handle the shipping for the nation’s largest Porsche dealership located in FL. Based on my very negative experience in dealing with this man, I would never recommend anyone participating in his 944 Cup Series or joining his organization as a member because of the likelihood of receiving the same abusive treatment should any conflict arise between Dave Derecola and a prospective member. In my opinion, abusive, egotistical bullies like Dave Derecola do nothing but tarnish the good name of the Porsche brand.

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