Horrible Experience. Not only did they Charge me 6400.00 and not finish the Job they sat there and talked about my wife and how hot she was while I was working in the office. Any man would take the first 3 comments as a compliment, but after 5 minutes of them talking about my wife I had it. Gary is a know it all and it is like the commercial where they leave your house in shambles. My bath tub wouldn’t drain for 4 days and the bathroom is still not finished. They were contracted to have finished my Bathroom. Overall, I don’t now how they are in business still.We hired a company of to complete all there mistakes.


Name: A-1 Remods, Inc.

Country: United States

State: Pennsylvania

City: Wampum

Address: 1043 Old Route 18

Phone: 724-740-1221

Website: www.a-1remods.com/