To make it short, We referred 5 vehicle moves to Kelly at A AAABest Choice Car Carriers under agreement of a commission for each vehicle. We have not been paid since August 2001 for these vehicle moves. We spoke to the owner Mike Eldridge who told us to call back to speak to Kelly who does all accounts payable but was on maternity leave for three months. ( I guess nothing got paid!) We called back many times leaving messages. On 3/14/02 we reached John who approved the invoice and put it on Kelly’s desk for payment. We then spoke to John who said he did approve it but he is only the dispatcher and has nothing to do with accounts payable. (Duh) To this day we have been lied to and Jerked around by Mike Eldridge, John and James of A AAABest Choice Car Carriers. We as a MOVING Company recommend you do not use this company at all, and don’t listen to their rebuttal it’s not true. If you need any additional documentation including Dates and Names of people we spoke to @ A AAABest Choice Car Carriers, Please feel free post your question on the Ripoff Scams. Check out the other complaints about this company on this forum and the BBB. Thank you Robert Santa Ana, California

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