As I was walking through Tacoma Mall a woman from Israel stopped me while I was talking on my phone. She was insistant that I speak with her about my hair. I hung up as this woman strongly influenced me to sit in her chair while she used her small flat iron and made beautiful curls with ease. She guaranteed the curls would last for at least 3 days! She was truly a pro and acted like we had been friends for years as she kept curling my hair and making the process look very easy. I nearly fell off my seat when she showed me the price on the box of $250.00!! I asked if I could find this product anywhere else for a cheaper price and she swore to me that this wonderfully made “miracle”” flat iron was one of a kind and could not be found any where else at a less expensive price. WRONG! I was foolish enough to trust her and wrote a check for the “”tiger”” print flat iron from ISOBEAUTYwhich her “”so-called”” manager

Itai Goldman

gave approval for as he continued to push more and products on me while he would reduce the prices to try and entice me

thank God I didn’t buy more of his junk. I tried my new iron the next day and I was shocked when a hand-full of burned hair came out the moment it touched my hair!!! I quickly tried to get it off my hair and ended up with a large blister on my thumb. I had to get my hair cut that day!! I tried to take it back and the poor young woman working alone said that he was not even the manager

and he strong arms them into lying to customers and telling them that the hair care products will do what ever it is they need done. I cancelled my check and 3 months later they have turned me into a collection agency and I am constantly hounded to pay for I product that I returned within 2 days. The bottom of the receipt says; “”LIFE TIME WARRANTY””. I now where extentions!!! nSherrinGig Harbor