Complaint: We had A-Best Remodeling build a free standing art studio a few years ago (to the tune of over $60,000). They did not build to the plans and we were told “plans are good to have but you cannot always go by them.”” What!?!? Really?!?! So we were short-changed on square footage because they couldn’t follow plans. Of course

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Address: we had paid them to draw up the plan that was approved. The framers quality was suspect and they were rude to our neighbors. Since it was a few years ago

Website: 5632 Van Nuys Blvd #109 Los Angeles, California United States of America

Phone: I have forgotten all of the list of things that went wrong (have since sold the house) but it was a very stressful experience. We sent a letter to the owner after the job was completed (and they were paid in full) outlining our concerns (since we had been ignored udirng the process) and we NEVER heard one thing from them. In this business climate