Complaint: We took the car to A.D.R. Service to get it checked. We were told the catalitic convertor was the problem and needed to be replaced, along with sensors and other parts. We were charged $1,077.57, after about a week and a half we picked up the car, and it was running a little better for about a week and then after that the car was having the same problem again. We took the car back and he said that the master flow (something) needed to be replaced for about $600.00. At that point we felt he was guessing and told them that we were taking the car to another shop for second opinion. We took the car to Auto Tech in Oxnard, were it was properly diagnosed as a problem with the alternator. The alternator was replaced at a cost of $431.00 and the car has been running properly since. Maria Oxnard, CaliforniaU.S.A.

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