a &g auto sales a&g is a rip off Virginia Beach North Carolina!!. A&g is a rip off I’ve bought a 750 BMW and have so many problems with the car that it stay broke down more than I’ve drove the car and they refuse to fix it it should be something that can be done to stop them from selling car that are not reliable I gave them a 5,000 down payment and haven’t been able to drive the car a complete month and Brenda she no help she gives you the run around and then told me they would pay half on a car I had just bought from them to fix it which I felt like was unfair because I had bought the car also they sent me to a shop that couldn’t tell me anything about the car at all so I touch it to the BMW dealership and they inform me that it was a transmission problem so I’m stuck paying for a car that I can’t drive they are a rip off and someone needs to get involved in this I’m going to the news channel next its a shame that they can just take people hard earned money from them and sell them a bunch of junk

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