Complaint: A+Marketing Group, operating out of Dallas, Texas, claims to have an investment group wanting to purchase a controlling interest in your timeshare property and offers to buy out your timeshare interest at a very attractive price. After you sign and return a confidentiality agreement you are contacted a second time and told the “buyers”” have deposited the purchase money in a Denver based “”Closing Company”” by the name of Golden Lion Closing Company. Golden Lion then sends you confirmation of the money on deposit. You are then told the purchase money will be released within 10 days after you pay them the “”Transfer Fees”” due the Timeshare Property ownership. Before sending them any money I checked and found out Golden Lion was not registered with the City of Denver nor the State of Colorado nor the Better Business Beige. I also had a friend go to their address which was a large office building in Denver and found out that they do not have an office in this building and the receptionist had never heard of them before nor their principal by the name of Ashley Miller. When I did not send the funds I was contacted by A+ Marketing and informed them that I thought they were running a scam. They stated they deal with lots of closing companies and the closing company is selected by the buyer

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Address: not them.”


Phone: 3333 Lee Pkwy, Dallas Texas Dallas, Texas United States of America