A PATH OF HEART Counselling Robin Morgan ,Menard, Fraud, Thief, Disturbing Behavior with Children, Drug Addict Kelowna!!. A Path of Heart Counselling Robin Morgan Menard and Sol Menard Don’t leave your belongings around Robin Morgan as she’s a well known drug addict who will steal money for drugs and sex. This woman is a textbook manipulator thief and con artist who will do and say anything to get what she wants. It is unfortunate but she should not be allowed around kids as she spent time in the Psych Ward in a Mental Institution for this reason. It is very sick and disturbing. It is the truth. These two need professional help with their children. They need professional help in general as exactly who has the audacity to spend time in a Psych Ward, get married, then a year later decide to become “Married Couples Counsellor” it is outrageous. From the other complaints written they attempted to counsel married couples after being married for just over one year — THAT is delusional. Do not trust Robin Morgan Menard and don’t leave your purse lying around because she will steal it.

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