A-plus Contract Management Jim Sadler, president Stephen D. Vaughan, vice president Failure to compy with written contract Ocala Florida!!. Mr. Sadler (Broker), A-plus Contract management, took possision for my Holiday Rambler Implerial motorhone on 18 January 2019 for consignment to sell. It was to sell so that the loan would be satisified, any extra would be his commission. I was to continue to make payments until a buyer could be found. A buyer was found and the motorhome was delivered to said buyer. Payments we made by the buyer for a period of 2 months. The contract states that in the event of the buyer fails to make payment the motorhome was to be repossed by the broker. The buyer has failed to make payments, has refused to turn over the motorhome and the broker has also failed to make the payments. The buyer has asked for $25,000 to turn over the RV. The buyer was not a good risk for this RV. One year later there is still no resolution. Broker has refused any

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