A & R Used Auto Parts A-R Used Auto Parts Rip-off artists to the N th degree Internet!!. Ordered a Ford F-150 Blue replacement drivers side door on 12/17. Was told it would ship and be delivered within 3-5 business days, that they had three in STOCK. Credit card was charged $650 ($500 for door and $150 in shipping) on 12/21. Called on 12/27, was told they were backed up and it would ship after New Years Day. Called 1/2/13 to get delivery date. Was told the first door they pulled was rusted and they were shipping another door. Called MULTIPLE times between 1/2 and 1/17 and was told the following….. 1) shipping from MAINE (wow, that’s not exactly in STOCK as you previously said), there was snow it will be delayed 2) called week of 1/7 to 1/11: it’s in YONKERS, should be there in a few days, lots of deliveries on the way…. 3) called and emailed 1/18, ohhhhhh, they tried to deliver it on Friday and no one was there (lie… talked to Point Auto, where door was to be delivered, they were there ALL day) 4) Got two emails, one stating it would be delivered 1/21 and another correcting that saying the driver was taking off for MLK day and it would be delivered 1/22 another LIE. (called and started complaint with Better Business Bureau) 5) Called today 1/23 because door did NOT get delivered and was told, you ready???? The door fell off the truck…. I’m so mad but this lie actually made me giggle as I sit here and write this….. After clarification, the door fell ON the truck and is dented and that YESTERDAY they creditted my credit card the $650. Cursed them out and hung up on them….. Called credit card company, started dispute with credit card company. I have never been so angry or felt so scammed. These guys are LIARS, THIEFS and SCAM ARTISTS. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!!!!!

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