A & S Auto Collision Repair Center Able Hernandaz Received a down payment and did no work West Haven, Utah!!. Hope this helps others ! Did business with ABle Hernandez and Noemi Pena in Oct of 2017 for repair work on a classic car of mine only to be put off several times with lies of at a meeting or at an auction . Parts were wrong and had to reorder , Family member just died and just left out of town. Doors were always locked during Business hours , so finally took them to court in June 2011. It was a nightmare getting both Abel Hernandez and Noemi Pena served with court papers but did finally get a post it order on their business . Surprisingly they did show up for court and asked the judge to be represented by an attoney which only gave them time to pack up and move . I did get a judgement rewarded and did have them reported to Utah Consumer Protecton . UCP also filed a claim and did fine them 5000.00 and handed the case to the District Court from what I understand.I do have

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A & S Auto Collision Repair Center