A&S Auto sells used cars to consumers. They get out financed through a financing company that lps consumers with credit issues is the only positive thing they offer. I was sold an overpriced car,then 45 days after the.purchase belt broke. Called them and because my warranty was for only 30 days,they couldn’t repair it for free,but the owner offered to make repair at a discounted rate if I got the car towed to him at my expense. Hours before getting the car towed, I was told they did not carry tools for the model of car I purchased from them. Which in turn ]I wqq forcer to take it to another repair shop. While this shop made repair he discovered the belt broke because it was saturated with oil. The drop worsened over time..destroying my driveway and garage to my home and me having to make sure the oil was toppled off every week. Later discovering the front main seals were bad,got that replaced for $1000. Before this repair I called owner again and he swore car was in magnificent shape. False!!! Fed up I eventually took the car to the dealership that sells Audi.cars. his reaction was get rid of it. There was a hose with a pinch hole mended together with some type of sealant,the air bag sensor was rigged up and the light came on,which lead to me finding out there were.no airbags in the front at all.all the repairs cost a total of $6000-which I. Old not afford because not only was I paying a car payment for a car I haven’t drive in 2 months but also renting a car to get to work and to do all my daily tasks. Just be aware and cautious of buying a used car from them. Everything look good isn’t good.


Name: A & S Auto Sales

Country: United States

State: North Carolina

City: Charlotte

Address: 2727 Ashley Rd

Phone: 704-394-5700

Website: www.ans-autos.com/