A Second Look Consignment store at 10620 N. 32nd. St. Phoenix, Az. 85028 Closed without letting me know at the end of February keeping my money and merchandise. Before they closed their doors without warning I had a total of about $75 from sold items that they owed me. But what really hurts is that they had well over $200 of items in their possession of mine and my late love that they kept or liquidated without warning. | Before this all happened my love of 41 years had passed away unexpectedly from a blood clot and she had no life insurance so I was trying so hard to raise the money to cover her burial and that is why I brought the items to A Second Look to begin with. Most of the items were never used and were brand new. We were buying and accumulating items for a house that we hoped we would be buying in the future. | I contacted the Attorney Generals office just to get an e-mail response advising me that I should find an attorney to help me. Then I contacted the Better Business Bureau who said that they would black mark the ratting for the company. “How dose any of this help me?” | Here is some information that I was able to locate myself and sent to the Attorney Generals office I thought that it might help with my case. | Original Co-Owners, LLC of A Second Look Ms Jeri A Watson and Ms. Judy C. Rhodes phone number 602-996-1522 | Owner who took over A second Look, LLC and then closed it without notice and kept money owed me and also my consignment merchandise valued at at lease $200. Marilyn Olson of Red Mountain Lighting Phone number 480-341-5000 | Hope that you might be able to help me, | Bert E. Kavich


Name: A Second Look, LLC

Country: United States

State: Arizona

City: Phoenix

Address: 10620 N 32nd St

Phone: (602) 992-1916

Website: www.asecondlook.com