A Star Auto & Truck Sales Michael Harrington What a scam auto dealer! Not even a real company! Venice, Florida!!. Michael Harrington and A Star Auto Sales are TOTAL scam auto dealers! I purchased a vehicle from them in March 2018 and was told that the vehicle was in excellent condition. I paid almost $1,000 down and made arrangements for monthly payments. It turned out that the vehicle was a “parts” car and did not run. After spending nearly $4,000 in repairs just to get the car running, A Star Auto has not returned my calls and will not register the car or title – over a year later. After researching, it turns out that A Star Auto is not even a real company registered in FL and the owners/dealer is not even licensed to do business in the state. I have contacted the state department of motor vehicles to conduct an investigation and now I have to jump through so many hoops just to even be able to legally drive the car. DO NOT buy a car from these crooks! They are a total scam dealership and are not even licensed to be an auto dealer in Florida.

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