A to Z auto Stacy or Brett Sold me a lemon changed owners and gave me the run around and refuse to fix the problems sarasota Florida!!. My family and I got our taxes done at a local business where we were told that there was a reputable car dealer where we could go and get a reliable car. We went to the dealership (AtoZ) and talked with a man who showed us the car and told us that is there were any problems with it we were welcome to call within a 15 day period and they would take the car back or fix the issue if one were to arise. We talked it over and decided to get the car (2003 mazda 6). We were told that when our taxes came in that it would be sent to AtoZ and we would sign and cut the check there. We also signed up to get some of our money early. We got that check which was around $1200 and gave it to A to Z. When we went to sign the first check over to them we met Stacy. We told her that the car was making a weird noise and she said that the mechanic would give us a call and stop by our house. We returned at the end of the week to sign the rest of the money over to her and my husband had to do the math for her! She was going to charge us $800 more than we should have been charged! We told her again that we nver heard from the mechanic. This is when she informed us that the man who sold us the car wasn’t the owner any more so we were working with his mechanic and she would tell him to call us, but she really couldn’t do much to help, but again nothing. I went by to give them our new address when we moved and say hey can you please do something. We finally got the number to the mecanic who after a week of getting the run around. He comes by and says go to this muffler shop and Finesse them to give us a free estimate because he thinks that he CATS are clogged. We go to the place and the man says that is an issue but not why the car is having trouble. We then take it to someone else who says that the head gaskets are warpped and that the car is pretty much junk. So we went back with our kids and told them do something or take it back and give us our money back. Stacy called the cops on us. We now are in the process of finding some legal advice and doing whatever we can to let anyone who is looking to buy a car know to just do your research check the carfax. Dont get stuck taking your family on the bus while making payments on a car that doesn’t run.

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