There was a listing online for pugs. He contacted me through email. Hey said i could purchase the dog for 200. I asked if i could pay 100 down and 100 when i recieved the pup. He said yes and i would have the puppy same day.I paid the 100 then the shipping company said i owed them 100 or i couldnt get the dog. I was given a tracking number and he said someone needs to be there to sign for the dog. He sent me a picture of a certificate and said just put you name on it to show ownership so i typed my initials on it. The same day I called after the delivery time passed and he said oh, customs has the dog and the need 520 for insurance fees. These guys are in on it together. Its shamful. I didnt get my money back and they just laughed at me and said we will never get caught on the phone. Someone needs to do something. ??